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by Asawyer13
Wed Jun 22, 2022 1:44 am
Forum: Stimulsoft Dashboards.PHP
Topic: Trying to download
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Trying to download

Was trying to download the code for the php query data from datasources but it says it doesn't exist.

The 'stimulsoft/Samples-Dashboards-JS-PHP' repository doesn't contain the 'samples/Using a SQL Data Sources.php/archive/' path in 'main
by Asawyer13
Tue Jun 21, 2022 7:18 pm
Forum: Stimulsoft Dashboards.PHP
Topic: Dashboards for multiple companies
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Dashboards for multiple companies

Not sure i will explain this properly but will try. I have an PHP web app that will have the user select 1 or more companies that they want to create the dashboard for, and the month to create it for. I would like to then have them press a button and get the dashboards for each company, so if they s...
by Asawyer13
Fri Aug 23, 2019 12:20 am
Forum: Stimulsoft Reports.NET
Topic: Using Stimulsoft with Pcsoft WinDev
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Using Stimulsoft with Pcsoft WinDev

Is anyone here using WinDev from PCSoft to create reports with Stimulsoft?

If so could you explain what I need to make it work?

Thanks in advance