Designing a report for lightswitch desktop applicaiton

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Designing a report for lightswitch desktop applicaiton

Post by Exp3rt » Tue Aug 29, 2017 5:39 am

Hello dear friends,
Hope to be fine and everything is going well.
I'm using Stimulsoft Report veiwer on my Lightswitch application (Desktop Client). I follow the video you shared on youtube you shared. Everything is going well. but my problem is about my report.mrt file. how i should design my .mrt file to be able to show my report? currently there is nothing to show. I think i have a problem with business objects on my report.
Database Diagram.jpg
Database Diagram
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partial void ShowViewer_Execute()
            // Write your code here.
            var findControl = this.FindControl("viewControl");
            findControl.ControlAvailable += delegate(object sender , ControlAvailableEventArgs e)
                    StiReport report = new StiReport();

                    OpenFileDialog openFile = new OpenFileDialog();

                    if(openFile.ShowDialog() == true){
                        using(FileStream stream = openFile.File.OpenRead()){
                            report.RegBusinessObject("Demo " , "Demo", this.Patients);

if it's possible for you show me how to design a report to view the selected patient details on header and all it's orders. You can return the patientID with the following code.

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int PID = this.Patients.SelectedItem.PatientID;
I'm using Microsoft LightSwitch for Visual Studio 2013 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

Currently i have a designed report but work with stored procedure from sql server and not related to the LightSwitch application. if you need more details i can send you in this post or by email.

Kind Regards
Homayoon Azimi
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Re: Designing a report for lightswitch desktop applicaiton

Post by Edward » Sat Sep 02, 2017 2:32 am

Hi Azimi,

Thank you for the explanation of the problem. Please send us a sample project to support[at] for analysis. If you could include a small extract from you db, that would be an ideal scenario. The attachment limit is only 7Mb there. Or a link to some online storage such as Dropbox,OneDrive or Google Drive would do yust fine.

Thank you,
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