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Manuel Costa
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Select UI Language Menu

Post by Manuel Costa »

Good morning, I have a question, we currently use the Java version of Stimulsoft's Report Manager, on your website I saw that there is a feature called "SELECT UI LANGUANGE MENU" that translates the application to the desired language, but in our Report we were unable to find this feature as the attached image, would like to know how we can enable it?

Attached is an image taken from the stimulsoft website in the Report java version and another from our own database where this functionality is not found.

The Report with java that we use is in version 2021.3.3
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image_2021_06_14T19_52_47_884Z.png (225.07 KiB) Viewed 848 times
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Re: Select UI Language Menu

Post by Andrew »


Please try the same with the code


Does this help you?
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Re: Select UI Language Menu

Post by webster.junior »

Hi all, the question is how to enable the language selection button. Today this option is not visible, and the intention is to let the user choose, as in the image image_2021_06_14T19_52_47_884Z.png.
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Re: Select UI Language Menu

Post by Vadim »


You should setup Localizations folder with localization files : options.LocalizationDirectory = "Localization";
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