New Version will not work again

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New Version will not work again

Post by peda » Thu Apr 08, 2021 8:16 am

Hello we work with Version 2020.3.2
Last year we have test update but it will not work with newer version

First Error Reports are all empty

on many reports i get Errors

VM560:27 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token U in JSON at position 0
at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)
at u.readJson (<anonymous>:27:82532)
at Object.<anonymous> (pjAdminSystem.js?v=185:8062)
at k (jquery.min.js:2)
at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery.min.js:2)
at y (jquery.min.js:2)
at XMLHttpRequest.d (jquery.min.js:2)

on this point (Old Version Works)

Test Version = 2021.1.1

var dataSet = new Stimulsoft.System.Data.DataSet("data");
// alert ()

We cannot update since a Year

Please let know about
Lech Kulikowski
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Re: New Version will not work again

Post by Lech Kulikowski » Thu Apr 08, 2021 8:30 am


Please send us a sample project that reproduces the issue for analysis.

Thank you.
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