Stimulsoft Reports & Dashboards version 2019.2.2 released

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Stimulsoft Reports & Dashboards version 2019.2.2 released

Post by Andrew » Fri Mar 15, 2019 6:12 am

You may download is at

List of changes:

New Features:

- The GetAnchorPageNumberThrough and GetAnchorPageNumber functions.
- Export settings forms for dashboards.
- Variables now are supported.
- An applied filter is shown on an element.
- A new tool button added to the element. This button helps to change a type of the element in the designer.
- Interactions for dashboard elements in JS.
- The FilterOn property was added to the element filter.
- The Font property in dashboard element styles.
- Support for OData version 4.
- Titles for trend lines.
- The new methos viewer.refreshViewer is added.

- Dashboards WPF. Table Element, hid an empty list for a Sparkline type column.
- Map: Improvements in the grouping mode by countries.
- WpfV2. GlobalizationEditor. Expanded the list of available cultures in the window of adding a new culture.
- Work with OData.
- Work with MongoDB.

Fixed Bugs:
- Deadlock in report rendering.
- Serialization list of variables.
- HTML text formatting.
- Export to the TXT format.
- Border styles.
- Report parser.
- The TimeSerial function.
- MapStyle, GaugeStyle, ChartStyle. If you set an empty array in the properties of the Color[] type, then an error occurred while drawing.
- BorderEditor. The form was cut, if you switch between the Advanced and Simple tabs.
- Issues with nullable values in the filters for dashboard elements.
- The problem with CacheHelper and data logging on the preview.
- A bug with names of columns with spaces when creating through NewField in dashboards.
- The String.Contains method.
- Support for word wrap in table cells in dashboards.
- The issue with applying the custom style.
- The DateTime parser.
- The components of the page in the viewer were not updated correctly, if you call to change the data in the displayed report and call the Render method.
- Incorrect painting of the interlaced rows was fixed.
- Some issues with the full screen mode.
- Rendering of Pie Charts with one value.
- Getting the JSON file by "https".
- Map. Type group. Colors for groups were incorrectly set.
- Invalid Content-Type header for IE browser in .NET Core components.
- Clearing the data cache when changing the connection.
- The dashboard was not loaded, if there was SQLl and the connection to them occurs with an error.
- Correction of work with column names which has spaces.
- Time without a date was not parsed (HH:mm:ss).
- Work with the SQL data in dashboards.
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