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Stimulsoft Reports and Dashboards 2019.2.3 released

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2019 6:53 am
by Andrew
Stimulsoft Reports and Dashboards 2019.2.3 released

New Features:
- Export of HTML text to PDF as text (not image).
- The PortNumber property for Web components controls the port in the URL.
- PositiveColor and NegativeColor were added to the indicator style in dashboards.
- The AlternatingCellForeColor was added to the pivot table style in dashboards.
- The ForeColor was added to the gauge style in dashboards.
- The ImagesQuality property for the HTML5 viewer.
- The Data transformation property to dashboard elements.
- Support for Azure Storage Table.

- Some improvements in the view data functionality.
- Using the StiOptions.Viewer.Windows.Exports.Show... properties are available in the Dashboard viewer.
- An Async version of the Print, Export, Render and Compile methods are available now.
- Updated support for OData V3.
- Support for MongoDB.
- Showzero in legend for the Pie chart.

Fixed Bugs:
- Report rendering events in WebDesginer.
- Clearing the data cache when updating dashboards.
- Wrong algorithm for saving a new report or dashboard in the main menu of the designer.
- Some issues with alternating rows.
- A problem with hostname in MVC on some server configurations.
- The Find function in WebViewer.
- Some issues with locating actions buttons when designing dashboards.
- The dashboard did not load if you did not connect to the database in the Web designer.
- Some issues with the naming of the datasource in the dashboards.
- Some fixes were made about the support of style colors in the dialogs in the dashboards.
- Some bugs with the combined using of the data transformation and the dashboards were fixed.
- A bug with loading text formats from the XML report template.
- The error finding text in the viewer.
- A bug with even odd style in a dashboard table.
- Options for dashboard export settings in the viewer.
- A bugs with Get Style from Selected components in dashboards.
- A bug with save as .mrx.
- DatePicker was displayed beyond the screen.
- The error displaying watermark in the DIVt display mode of a report.
- The issue with page setup for dashboards.
- The problem with cutting the title in the dashboards tables.
- When editing a variable, newline characters disappeared from its value.
- The problem with the displacement of cells in the dashboard table.
- Map editor. The ColorEach parameter in the DataColumns mode disappeared.
- The Get Style from Selected Component command for the StiMap component did not work.
- The status of the selected version for OData.
- StyleEditor. Click Here was not clicked.
- Dashboards WPF. Dashboards did not switch when switching tabs from right to left.
- The error with retrieving columns in the SQL connection in the Flash designer.
- The error occurred while changing a type of created chart in .NET Core.