Dashboards for multiple companies

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Dashboards for multiple companies

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Not sure i will explain this properly but will try.

I have an PHP web app that will have the user select 1 or more companies that they want to create the dashboard for, and the month to create it for.

I would like to then have them press a button and get the dashboards for each company, so if they select 30 companies, they essentially would get a report (dashboard) of each company, one page per company.

My problem is that my plan was to use a SQL Server Stored Procedure for each visual component of the dashboard, so one piece might be a sales chart, another piece might be a orders chart or KPI value, etc.. so I don't know how I could properly create the report. Originally I was thinking of passing all the companies in the stored procedure, but I don't think that would allow me to produce individual dashboards... If that won't work, is it possible to essentially pass just one company in the stored procedures which would create on dashboard, and then run the set of stored procedures 30 times, and get the output to append, so it would look like one big set of dashboards for the 30 companies?

I would prefer to not have the dashboard itself select the companies and the month, but let the php app do it and then run the dashboard.
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Re: Dashboards for multiple companies

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Sorry, maybe we did not exactly understand your task. But how do want to show 30 dashboards at one time?

Thank you.
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