Cloud service to analyze and visualize data

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Cloud service to analyze and visualize data

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Stimulsoft BI Cloud is a cloud service to quickly and efficiently analyze and visualize data for your business without creating your applications and programming. Stimulsoft BI Cloud allows you to create interactive reports and dashboards. You may run it in any modern web browser and it does not require installation or integration.

Maximum features at a reasonable price

Stimulsoft BI Cloud includes a complete set of tools for working with reports and dashboards in the cloud. The software has a unique product option to create and combine reports and dashboards in one document. By choosing our solution, you get maximum functionality at the best price.

More about Reports Cloud

More about Dashboards Cloud

Cloud storage

Create and store all your reports and dashboards in the Stimulsoft BI Cloud workspace. You no longer need to monitor the safety of documents and their current versions, Stimulsoft BI Cloud does this automatically. The ability to save data directly in the template does not bind you to separate file storage and data servers. Setting the root folder for each user improves the usability of work with a large number of documents.


Create reports and dashboards in a team - invite your colleagues and work together. Share the general access to the selected documents with your partners anywhere in the world by sending them a short link to view reports. You can assign roles to each developer, set a password for viewing reports - this will limit access to confidential information, and help protect your data. Stimulsoft BI Cloud is fast and well-coordinated teamwork.

The choice is yours

Stimulsoft BI Cloud allows you to work with reports and analyze data both online in a browser window and on a desktop. The subscription includes both solutions - switch to any of them based on your requirements at any time.

Designer Desktop
The desktop version is designed for convenient and quick data analysis on Windows, macOS and Linux systems. Installing goes in a few clicks. You may work with the designer offline. Built-in support for cloud storage is not a complete list of the advantages of a desktop designer.


Designer Online
Create your reports and dashboards without the need to install the application on your computer and additional settings - the online designer is immediately ready to work. Analyze and visualize data directly in a web browser window, on any platform, and any device.


What's next?

Create your first report or analyze data with the Stimulsoft BI Cloud solution. We have prepared hundreds of reports and dashboards templates grouped by spheres of use. You can immediately use them by connecting your data, or you can change according to your requirements. Our lessons and technical documentation will help make your work effective!

Training courses

Video lessons

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