Special characters in text expressions

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Special characters in text expressions

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:!: :!: Hello I'm using Stimulsoft, not the desktop version, but as an add on within a different online software. I kind of figure out how to place special characters in text expressions by enabling the "Allow HTML tags" in the text and using the &-ASCII code of the special character I need, e.g, registered brand (®). BUT, EVERYTIME I open the template, it throws another special character in the line, without a fault:

The International EPD System®, www.environdec.com

If I don't delete the special character it would keep adding and adding the ÂÂÂÂ. This also happens with the < ' > used to abbreviate it is to it's, or any other variations you might need. Is there a way to work around this? This template will be accessed several times, during its lifetime, it's not static.

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Re: Special characters in text expressions

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Please clarify what product and version are you use?

Thank you.
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