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Stimulsoft Dashboards.ANGULAR

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Creating dashboards in Angular applications

Stimulsoft Dashboards.ANGULAR provides tools for analytics and data visualization in applications written in the Angular framework. The data processing is based on client-server technology: data processing occurs on a server using .NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, and .NET. The direct creation of dashboards occurs on the Angular client.

Powerful and flexible components for data visualization in web applications

Stimulsoft Dashboards.ANGULAR is a set of high-performance tools for data visualization and analytics in web applications. The product includes a designer component for creating dashboards and a viewer for viewing them, available as NPM packages for developers. The dashboard designer is also accessible as an application for Windows, macOS, and Linux, and as a cloud service at for direct browser-based use.

By choosing Stimulsoft Dashboards.ANGULAR, you can connect data from SQL, file, and online sources, visualize your business data using dozens of elements such as tables, maps, charts, and more. Additionally, you can export finished documents to popular data formats.

Dashboard visualization

The most crucial stage in building dashboards is arguably the visualization of available data. Our product employs a specialized component, an interactive viewer, for this task. This component is fully customizable, fast, easy to use, and boasts a wide range of functionality. To ensure integration into projects, we provide numerous design themes and options for customizing both the appearance and functionality of the application.

Variety of export formats

The data analytics product for Angular applications supports export to a variety of formats, including PDF or MS Excel for subsequent printing, HTML for viewing in web browsers, and numerous image formats such as PNG, GIF, JPEG, and others. Additionally, at any point during the creation of a dashboard, you can capture its state using a Dashboard Snapshot.

Client-server system capabilities

The analytics and data visualization tool for Angular applications utilizes client-server technology. On the client side, there are fast and lightweight Angular components responsible for the user interface. On the server side, there is a powerful data engine that processes data sources, constructs, and exports dashboards.


The client side is represented by an Angular application that runs in a web browser. The product comprises a web viewer and a dashboard designer. The viewer, written in Angular, supports options, events, methods, and other features of the framework. The data analytics tool also incorporates a designer developed using JavaScript and available as an Angular component.


The server side is represented by a robust dashboard engine that runs on .NET Framework 4.5 and higher or .NET Core 2.0 and higher. The Angular client side uses the same API to communicate with either of the server sides. This capability enables a considerable expansion of deployment systems and available databases while concurrently utilizing all the functionalities of the product.

Data for dashboards

One of the key advantages of our product is the diversity of data you can use for creating dashboards in your application. We offer a large list of supported data servers – MS SQL, Firebird, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc. Also, you can get data from XML, JSON, Excel, and other file sources.

Preliminary preparation and transformation of data, creation of virtual data sources, and the ability to embed your data directly into the report template as resources are available. This is just a brief overview of what our data visualization software can do with data.

Part of Stimulsoft Dashboards.WEB

A data analytics software for Angular is a part of the Stimulsoft Dashboards.WEB product, a tool for creating dashboards for the following platforms - ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, .NET Core, Blazor and Angular. The product includes all you need to work with dashboards in a web browser.
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