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Concatenate in expressions

Posted: Thu Feb 09, 2023 2:50 am
by Asawyer13
I am having a problem where I can't seem to pass two parameters to a SQL Server stored procedure.

In the data source I am using a Query

exec sp_doquery1 @Name, @ForDate

and have Name and ForDate setup as parameters (without the @).

This works if I just pass one variable, but if I try passing two, it works in the developer, but not in the published app.

I am using the newest developer version 2023.1.6


Re: Concatenate in expressions

Posted: Fri Feb 10, 2023 7:11 pm
by Lech Kulikowski

We couldn't reproduce the issue.
Please send us a sample report with test data that reproduces the issue for analysis.

Thank you.