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Stimulsoft Reports.PYTHON

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A powerful and modern reporting tool for Python services

Stimulsoft Reports.PYTHON comprises a set of components for creating, viewing, exporting, and printing reports in applications and projects written in Python. The product supports connections of multiple data types, allowing you to work with reports on the server- and client-sides, and also offers extensive capabilities for data visualization and analysis.

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Product functionality

The report writer for Python offers excellent web components and a powerful JavaScript data processing engine, dozens of types of charts, tables, barcodes, and other reporting elements for presenting data, filtering, and sorting. It supports multiple export formats, the ability to share ready-made reports, and much more.

Product features

Stimulsoft Reports.PYTHON is based on client-server technology: a Python application on the server-side and a JavaScript reporting engine on the client-side. These two parts are closely related and represent a single product that greatly simplifies working with reports in web applications written in Python.


The server-side manages report files, enables working with various databases, facilitates transparent event processing, and deploys HTML and JS code on the page - all you need to do is write a few lines of code in Python.


The client-side is presented as a One-Page application or as an embedded component. These two modes significantly expedite the deployment process and simplify working with reports. Numerous settings are available for closer integration into existing projects.

Report designer

The designer is directly responsible for creating reports - it is here that you can connect the necessary data from various sources: SQL, web services, XML, JSON, Excel and other file sources, select components for their visualization - charts, maps, cross-tabs and much more other, as well as visually design the template using a variety of styles.

For Reports.PYTHON, the report designer is available in three versions:

- a component for integration into Python applications;
- a standalone BI Designer application for working on Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems;
- an online service with the same functionality.

You can use all versions at once, they are fully compatible with each other. In this case, the component is licensed according to the royalty free model, that is, there are no additional royalties when your users create documents.

Report Viewer

The viewer is a special component for viewing reports, a task that is performed much more frequently than creating or editing one, making this process more crucial. Therefore, the report viewer must be fast, convenient, and fully customizable. Our component supports working with parameters, multi-level drill-down, interactive reports, working with resources, and much more. For integration into projects, we offer numerous design themes and options for customizing the appearance and functionality of the application.

Event handler

A special feature of Reports.PYTHON is its flexible event handler, which enables you to execute necessary actions on both the JavaScript client-side and the Python server-side. There is no need to worry about how to transfer data from the client-side to the server-side, process it, and transfer it back. Simply add the necessary lines of code to process and correct the required data; everything else will be handled automatically.


We endeavored to develop a product for the simplest possible integration of a JavaScript reporting tool into any Python web projects. Special functions have been added to facilitate integration into projects using popular web frameworks such as Django, Flask, and Tornado. To enable the components to function fully, simply install the Python package and add just a few lines of code to the project; all HTML and JS code will be deployed automatically.




Part of Stimulsoft Ultimate

Stimulsoft Reports.PYTHON is part of Stimulsoft Ultimate, a universal set of data analytics and visualization components for all modern platforms - JavaScript, ASP.NET, .NET Core, Java, PHP, Blazor, Angular, Python, WPF, WinForms, and others. Today, Ultimate includes 10 reporting products, 7 dashboard data analytics products, and interactive form tools for Angular.

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