Simple designer for end users,clients

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Simple designer for end users,clients

Post by IskandarAir »

Dear Stimulsoft team,

We want to integrate decent feature of Stimulsoft Reports - the Designer into our application for end-users. As you know, in the Designer, user can create report online\web. By this oportunity i would to thank you for this feature. The issue that was raised during the testing, it is bit complicated for not "IT guys", and, therefore, is there a "light" version of this for typical "manager assistants" with simpler interface ? He hope for yes but if no, can you please inform how can we do make the current version of the Designer more basic\simpler by ourselves (please provide docs\links if available)?

Iskandar Anvarov
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Re: Simple designer for end users,clients

Post by HighAley »

Hello, Iskandar.

If you need to do such changes, you could buy our source code and make any necessary changes there.

Thank you.
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