Nested Databands Problem

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Nested Databands Problem

Post by FT1 » Sat Feb 20, 2021 5:34 pm

Hello, we have a complex nested XML structure and we are not able to make it work on Stimulsoft Reports

The sample XML structure is like this:

Code: Select all

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
	<document property_d1="d1">
		<header property_c2="c2" />
		<invoice1 property_f1="f1">
			<line1 property_c7="f11">tf11</line1>
			<line1 property_c7="f12">tf12</line1>
		<invoice2 property_f2="f2">
			<line2 property_c7="f21">tf21</line2>
			<line2 property_c7="f22">tf22</line2>
	<document property_d1="d1b">
		<header property_c2="c2b" />
		<invoice1 property_f1="f1b">
			<line1 property_c7="f11b">tf11b</line1>
			<line1 property_c7="f12b">tf12b</line1>
		<invoice2 property_f2="f2b">
			<line2 property_c7="f21b">tf21b</line2>
			<line2 property_c7="f22b">tf22b</line2>
The job object has several documents that needs to be rendered on a different page each (that works just fine with the "new page after" property in a master data band)
Then, each document has a invoice1 and invoice2 objects that need to be placed side by side (left and right) on the same page (that works using panels)
Finally (and here is the problem) each of the 2 invoices has repetible lines that should be rendered on a data band.

We are not able to render the lines inside each invoice
We have tried relations, filters, Master Databands, and everything we could thing about it, but is not working

Please help!!!!

I have attached a sample MRT with the shown XML
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Lech Kulikowski
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Re: Nested Databands Problem

Post by Lech Kulikowski » Mon Feb 22, 2021 9:58 pm


Please call synchronize action in the dictionary, in that case, will be added relations automatically which may be used for the master-detail bands.

Also, we do not recommend using nested XML structure, there are some problems in the NET Framework methods.

Thank you.
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