SumRunning not working

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SumRunning not working

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I have

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but there's no running total, it prints empty/blank.

I have tried numerous solutions on the forum, such as creating a variable "Running" and using it on my desired text component (Text92):

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{Running = Running + Form26AgreementReportData.Transactions.Amount}
This gives me a running total, but it does not reset when the group changes.
Searching further, I attempted to use Text92.Reset(); on my databand, but does not do anything.

I also tried on my databand

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Text92_Sum.Running= false;
But an error occurs saying Tex92_Sum.Running does not exist.

Please advise how to get the SumRunning() working

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Re: SumRunning not working

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Please send us test data for your report.

Thank you.
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