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The biggest mistakes you make while vacuuming

Vacuuming is an essential part of household chores and the one we cannot avoid if we want to stay in a clean and healthy space. Fortunately, vacuuming does not require tons of knowledge to do, but a little extra expertise can make this chore much easier to do.

Many of us make some fundamental mistakes while vacuuming that seem to be harmless but do more harm than we might have thought. Below, we discuss some common mistakes we can avoid while doing this. Read on.

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1. Vacuuming in one linear direction


This is a fundamental mistake we make when we use our carpet cleaners. We are often vacuuming in one specific linear direction as when we work with a lawnmower. It seems that all the dirt and dust has been removed from our carpet. However, this is not the optimal way to vacuum your carpet. Rotating and changing direction can help the cleaner get deeper into the fibers and remove allergens, pet hairs, or invisible dirt better. Even you are using the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair, do it the appropriate way to get the most effective outcome.

2. Emptying the bag/canister only when it is full

Typically, we just leave in the full bag when using bagged vacuum cleaners. However, the suction’s strength decreases when the dust container is filled to its maximum level. Therefore, checking your bag regularly and emptying it when it is over the halfway mark is a good idea. If you are using a bagless vacuum, check and empty the dust cup.

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3. Not checking the filter

If your floor is not sparkling clean and the air is not fresh after vacuuming, you need to check the status of your filter. There is no need to replace a new filter as frequently as a bag, but you need to clean your clogged filter periodically. It is often recommended that you replace your HEPA filter every six months or after the sixth bag change. You can look up this info on your product’s manual or the company’s website.

4. Forgetting the attachments

Many of us forget to use the attachments, such as crevice tools and dusting brushes. The manufacturers do not include them for us by accident. Your above-the-floor cleaning is much more fluent when using those attachments. Upholstery, baseboards, lampshades, and other hard-to-reach places can be clean from dust and allergens.

5. Vacuuming with a tangled brush roll

You can learn a lesson if one day your motor is burnt out by the stress of tangled hair. In fact, this is a very common mistake while vacuuming. The brush roll becomes tangled with hair and dust, and then it does not turn anymore. So to avoid this, do not forget to unwind any tangled hair out of your brush roll. It is not a difficult issue to deal with in most vacuums.

6. Not guiding the cord while rewinding it to the reel

The proper way to prevent your retractable cord from tangling or getting stuck is holding the cord in your hand and gradually pressing the unwind button. Do not just keep pressing the button and allow the cord to snap back, as it is possible that it is out of its track.


7. Not preparing properly before starting

Vacuuming removes all the dirt right away. However, it is easier when you ready the cleaning space in advance. Move all the obstacles, rugs, and mats out of the cleaning areas before starting vacuuming. Cleaning the higher spaces, furniture, and the hard-to-reach areas first can keep the dust from merely transferring onto and staying on your recently vacuumed floor.


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Vacuuming with care can bring good things to your home and living atmosphere. We do hope that we can all acknowledge and avoid the above common mistakes to do the best housework. Enjoy your vacuuming! Happy cleaning!
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