Data doesn't load subReport

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Data doesn't load subReport

Post by lucas_almeida » Mon Sep 13, 2021 5:13 pm

I'm sending the fixed data to the subreport's dataSet, but when printing the subReport it doesn't load the data. I looked on the forum and saw that I wasn't using the "StiGetSubReportEventHandler" method. But when I put it in my project and try to run it, it seems that it doesn't run, that's because when running the debugger doesn't seem to go through breakPoint

Here is my code

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private StiReport ConfigurarStiReportTeste(byte[] arquivoRelatorioPrincipal, IEnumerable<DatasetPdfReportDTO> dados)
            var report = new StiReport();
            report.CacheAllData = true;

            foreach (var dado in dados)
                report.RegData(dado.NomeDicionario, dado.Dados);


            report.GetSubReport += new StiGetSubReportEventHandler(Report_GetSubReport);

            return report;
        //meu Método
        private void Report_GetSubReport(object sender, StiGetSubReportEventArgs e)
            foreach(var dados in dadosSubReports)
                byte[] arquivoSubrelatorio = ObterArquivoRelatorio(dados.IdentificacaoSubRelatorio);

                var subreport = new StiReport();
                subreport.CacheAllData = true;

                subreport.RegData(dados.NomeDicionario, dados.Dados);


                e.Report = subreport;

*(I tried to send an example project, but it's giving an error to send)
Lech Kulikowski
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Re: Data doesn't load subReport

Post by Lech Kulikowski » Tue Sep 14, 2021 9:01 pm


Please send us your reports with test data for analysis.

Thank you.
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