Date Difference in Report Designer

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Date Difference in Report Designer

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Hello guys

Can somebody help in getting the date difference between 2 datetime fields? I am trying to find total minutes or time between a start of a visit and the end of a visit but it is not working.

The formulas that I have used are as below:

1: {DateDiff(DateTime.Parse(Visit.StartDateTime), DateTime.Parse(Visit.EndDateTime)).TotalMinutes}.
When I check this in the designer, it says "OK" but then returns an empty text box when tested.

2: {DateDiff(DateTime.Parse(Visit.StartDateTime), DateTime.Parse(Visit.EndDateTime))}
Same issue as mentioned in (1).

3: {DateDiff(Visit.StartDateTime, Visit.EndDateTime)}
Gives the error (there is no matching overloaded method for DateDiff(String,String))

Please help with this as soon as possible as I have a deadline to provide to a client.
Lech Kulikowski
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Re: Date Difference in Report Designer

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Please send us a sample report with test data that reproduces the issue for analysis.

Thank you.
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